Ai & Junya Fujii get MARRIED

Yesterday, July 16th 2006, will go down as one of the best days for Kana and I in Japan. As Ai Sugiura and Junya Fujii (our good friends who you may have seen in some of our videos) exchanged marriage vows in a western type ceremony in downtown Osaka. Ai was so beautiful…a real princess, and Junya was super cool as ever.

Junya and Ai at the main ReceptionJunya and Ai at the main Reception

We were there with the whole KaToRiShiA crew. Kana and Tomo helped greet the guests while Shima and Rie really helped make the after party a smashing success, and all the girls sang a song called “Best Friends” during the reception which brought many to tears.

Craig, Kana, Junya, Shima, Rie, Ai, Tomo and KoichiCraig, Kana, Junya, Shima, Rie, Ai, Tomo and Koichi

After the Reception they threw one of the best after parties EVER with bingo prizes including an i-pod, a trip to an Onsen (Japanese hotspring) and a trip to Okinawa. WOW!